Graphic Designing

Fiverr established that graphic design is still the top hot selling service on its platform, with services selling for $100 to $3,000. Particularly profitable areas of graphic design include web and mobile design and product branding.

Sellers offering graphic
design services
also include those who design marketing materials, logos,
business cards, t-shirts, and social posts for digital marketing, like for a
Twitter cover photo or Facebook profile.

Web Development

The second- hot selling service on Fiverr, as per platform is website development. Through these services, you can earn between $100 to $3,000 depending on the project, and Fiverr notes that web programming and e-commerce web design are particularly profitable.

Sellers offering this service on Fiverr include those who will build out your website on popular CMS platforms like WordPress and Wix. Sellers offer services like full website creation, customization, theme, and plugin installation, bug fixes and backup, cloning, and migration.

Many of the sellers of this service explain that they have experience with programs like Photoshop, illustrator, CSS, and JavaScript.

Mobile Application Development

Another hot selling service on Fiverr is for mobile app development. The platform found that projects cost between $300 and $3,000. Freelancers generally offer app creation for iOS & Android, with some creating up to five pages of app design, app icons, logos, and banners.

Many of the sellers describe
themselves as software engineers with experience in coding.

Video making & Editing

Fiverr noticed a 58% increase in video marketing or editing service between years 2018-2019  an average income of a video maker or editor is between 100$ – 4000$, people those have good command on marketing strategies and tool i.e. Adobe Premiere, Audition & Camtasia, etc. are earning well in this gig.  

Business copy-writing   

The next profitable service on Fiverr in option for those who have a way with words as opposed to a knack for coding. Fiverr found business copy-writing to be one of the highest-paying side hustles, selling for $100 to $2,000 per project. Within business copy-writing, Fiverr reports that writing press releases, blog posts, and SEO content can be particularly high-paying.

Other business copy-writing sellers offer to write product descriptions, “about me” pages for websites, Amazon product listings, and website copy. Others opt for services like e-books, technical manuals, and even crowdfunding pitches.