Module 3

React JS, Redux, and React Router

React is a library by Facebook to create web applications that are fast, modular and everything can be done with just Javascript.

This course is perfect for someone who has little knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. We are not saying that you need to be a guru of javascript but little concepts like Loops and functions should be familiar to you. If you know ES6 that’s great, if not, don’t worry, ES6 is also covered in this course in part 1 as mentioned above.

React is having a very high demand in the market. One of the topmost searched subjects on stack overflow. Most of the high-performance apps are created using React. If you want to stand apart from React, for sure you need to get familiar with react.

In this part we will cover:

  • Introduction to React.
  • Main concepts of React.
  • Advanced concept of React.
  • First Project: ToDo App
  • Coding Challenges
  • Intro to REST APIs
  • Make our App dynamic using REST APIs
  • and we will cover all the latest concepts introduced till today 🙂

Also, if you are looking to move in react-native app development, that path goes with react js. Once you are familiar with concepts like JSX, props, and states; the same concepts are applied in react native too. And moving into react-native would be just a piece of cake.